Friday, March 2, 2012

Just the two of us...

The Husband has now been gone for a little over a month.  Mom was here when he left and then I headed home with her to celebrate my birthday and just hang out with friends and family for a bit.  I ended up down in NC for about 3 weeks.  I just got back up here a couple of days ago.  I walked in the house and it really hit me that this was it... The Husband was gone for x amount of months and its just me and Ticky-boo.... just the two of us.

It was an odd sort of feeling.  I knew it was inevitable.  Every military spouse who has gone through a deployment knows that before long, it hits you that they're gone and that you're on your own.  I walked through the house and kind of just felt slightly overwhelmed at everything.  When Mom and I left, we kind of just left everything in a state!  Not to mention that while I was gone, the things that we had in storage from San Diego got delivered... so not only did I have a messy house, I had a house packed with random stuff that I have no idea where to put it all!

As I settle back into our home, I am nervous and excited about the next however many months.  I'm nervous because I'm on my own.  I'm totally and completely on my own!  But, Ticky Boo is eight months old, so these next few months are going to be filled with excitement and new developments and I'm so stoked to see everything she's going to do and learn!  She's turning into a little person and she amazes me every day.

I'm also excited because, as it warms up, I know we'll spend loads more time outside taking walks, going to the park, going swimming, and so I know with all that, our time will go by so fast and before I know it, we'll be standing on the pier welcoming him home!

I wish The Husband was here to experience it all.  I try my best to involve him in every way that I can.  He gets pictures every day and I send videos at least a couple of times a week.  Not to mention, when he pulls in port we get to talk on the phone and some times even Skype, so he and the baby can see and hear each other.  But I know its not the same... for any of us.  I'm ready for the day when he can come home and be home longer than a couple of months before he's off again.

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