Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9 Month Stats

Today we went in for Ticky-boo's 9 month appointment.  We saw a new pediatrician today and I really liked her.  I tend to be picky when it comes to medical professionals, but I know what I want and I make no apologies for wanting the best when it comes to a pediatrician.

*Weight:  15 pounds 15 ounces!!!!!!  Hooray!!!!
*Height: 27.5 inches

The doctor was extremely pleased with her development and her growth.  She said she is not AT ALL concerned with her weight!  That was a huge relief.  Her biological family are all really small people, so I knew to expect her to be tiny, but I was still concerned since her growth chart dropped so drastically (from 50%-10%).  The doc said that she is just long and lean and that she'd much rather her have that body type than any other one... cant say that I disagree with that statement at all!  I would much rather Ticky-boo grow up with a smaller frame and a great metabolism than to struggle with her weight the rest of her life.

We got the go ahead to stop baby food and go straight to table foods, which is awesome.  I have made all of Ticky's food since she was 4 months old with very few exceptions, so to be able to just give her what I eat is pretty exciting... also a pretty good wake up call that I have to actually get up off my ass and cook something healthy for myself every day.

The doctor was surprised that she shows such a preference for her left hand... she said that it was really early to be showing favoritism to one side.  But she checked her muscle tone and strength and said that everything was perfectly even and that she was curious to see if the left-handedness continues.

On to the sleep thing... I talked to her about my concerns with her waking up all the time and not sleeping well and she told me to Ferberize her.  For those of you not familiar with "Ferberizing" or Modern Family, Ferberizing is Dr. Ferber's method of letting the child cry it out.  Ticky-boo's pediatrician said that it would only take 3 days and that it would work.  I tried to tell her that we've done it, but she insisted that I try it again and be consistent.  She said that there was a chance that the first night we would get NO sleep at all, but to keep at it and I'd probably get a few hours the next night and that she'd be great the 3rd night.  I'm still trying to decide how I feel about that and what to do.

So there you have it.  9 months and doing fantastic!!!  We go back in 3 months for her 1 year well baby...its hard to believe that in 3 short months I'll have a one year old!


  1. Did you switch pediatricians or get "just whomever"? The reason I ask is we've moved...but I LOVE Rocky's pediatrician so I'm willing to drive the 40 minutes to the appointments...but I don't know for how long. Insight please.

  2. Great to hear she's doing so well. Definitely an improvement! I would say the Ferber method will take more than 3 days, if she's a stubborn girl like you've said :) You should see improvement in 3 days, but I would say anything new will take at least a week of consistency. One moment of weakness, and they (the baby) will know they've won! It's definitely hard, but have faith :) A week to two weeks seems like the average I've come across for success for sleep training that has worked for friends of mine... If you can make it that long, I'm sure it'll work.

  3. I love reading what you write when are you writing a book????