Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Basket

Just a forewarning, this is going to be a sad/sappy and relatively pointless post... I apologize in advance, I'm feeling somewhat melancholy today. 

This Sunday is Easter.  Tomorrow I will put together Ticky-boo's first Easter Basket.  And I'll do it alone.  Not that it takes two people to put together a basket, but The Husband is still out floating around the ocean and I'm still here playing Mommy and Daddy and while, most days, its not a big deal, it definitely sucks during Holidays.  

Every Sunday morning on Easter, our home church does this thing called flowering the cross.  Basically there's a big wooden cross covered in chicken wire at the front of the church.  When the services start, its completely bare, and when everyone gets there, hymns are played and everyone walks up the aisle and puts flowers in the wire and onto the cross.  By the end of both services, the cross is COVERED in beautiful flowers!  It is a very moving and touching part of the Easter service and it is probably my favorite part of any church service.  

Well, this year, Ticky-boo gets to participate!  She's taking quite a few steps on her own now, so I'm going to hold one of her hands and we're going to walk up the aisle and flower the cross together.... and I'm probably going to bawl the whole time.  Mom says she probably will too... but she's going to try and video it for the Husband so he can watch it.  Fingers crossed that she cooperates and walks down the aisle with me!  I hope that it will help him feel like he's here in some capacity. 

Needless to say, I am ready for the Husband to be home.  Not just for me, but for him and Ticky-boo too.  I hate that he's missing so much.  And I hate that she's missing him so much.  She at least knows who he is... she carries a picture of the two of them around and she'll kiss it and give Daddy kisses.  I'm just ready for her to be able to give the real thing kisses.  

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  1. Is your hubby in the Navy? My hubby was when we first were married and it was hard WITHOUT a child-with, I can't imagine!

    Your service sounds beautiful! If your Mom does get it on video please share here!