Friday, February 17, 2012

A Welcome Return

For months now I have contemplated making a return to the blogging world.  I have missed not only the creative outlet that writing awards, but the emotional outlet as well.  So, here we are.  Revelations of an Infertile Mom.

My goal for this blog, this space, is to continue to do what I've always done with my blog... to be open and honest and raw and real about my feelings and emotions and what's going on in my life.  We may not be trying to conceive any longer, but there is a part of me that will forever be infertile.  I identify with that part of myself; after all, I spent nearly 5 years trying to get pregnant.

Being infertile doesn't completely define me though.  I'm also a mom.  Through the adoption of our amazing daughter, I finally became a mom.

I'm also a military wife with a husband who is currently out floating around in the ocean somewhere and so I'm filling both the role of Mommy and Daddy while he's deployed.

My hope and my wish for you reading this is that you dont feel alone.  Life is not all lollipops and sunshine, and while I'll try my hardest not to be too dark and twisty at times, I think its during those crappy times that we all need a hand to hold and a realization that someone else is there.  So yes, I'll be lollipops and sunshine on the days that deserve it but I'll be dark and twisty on the days that call for it... but I'll always be truthful and real and hopefully somewhat entertaining.

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